When people talk about getting extra security in their homes or business, they immediately start to think about alarm systems, and camera systems. While these can be quite effective, they are really only there to deter would-be burglars, and if the burglar really wants to come onto your property, then they are going to come in no matter what kind of alarm system or security cameras that you have installed. They have learned how to bypass systems, and so we could deem them to be ineffective. There is a more obvious alternative, that people fail to consider, and as well as being an excellent intruder system, it also makes a pretty good pet.

I am talking about getting a guard dog, and there are a number of guard dogs for sale in Sydney, that can easily meet your requirements, and then some. These excellent animals can offer numerous benefits for your home and business, and we will explore some of them here.

  • Security for your home when you’re gone – Burglars are known to pick easy marks, and if they come up on your property, and there is a guard dog there barking, and looking quite ferocious, then there is a very high likelihood, that they will move on to much easier pickings. These burglars like to work quietly, and not bring attention to themselves. This is impossible when there is a guard dog on the property, and it knows that someone is there. It has a very keen sense of smell, and hearing.
  • Securing your property when you’re there – Even when you’re at home, your guard dog is keeping an eye out for you and your family. While you are sleeping, your dog is patrolling the perimeter of your property, and it won’t settle if it knows that there is someone lurking in the shadows, with the intent to burgle your home. It will bring attention to that person, by barking, and it won’t stop, until the person has moved on.

The mere sight of a sign indicating that there is a guard dog on the premises, is more than enough to deter any burglar. The fact that you actually have a guard dog on your premises, will help to protect it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your guard dog will never take a day off like you do, and it won’t rest until it knows that everyone is safe.