Professional house cleaners from a reputable cleaning agency Manchester do not miss a spot and this something that sets from the rest. They will give answers to any house cleaning questions you may have and steer you in the right direction. They are dedicated to helping their clients maintain their home by adopting practical house cleaning habits. With insights from these professionals, you will get to learn the common places and things in your home that don’t get much attention and are left messy. These include:

Counter Crevices and Surfaces Under Appliances

The counter crevices can trap dirt, food particles, pests, and dead insects. In fact, this can also happen under appliances. Because these places are not obvious, you may not pay attention to them when cleaning your home on your own. But, keep in mind that a dirty home becomes a home for unwanted guests. You can clean these spaces by using an old sock soaked in warm soapy water attached to a broomstick to reach out the dirt that has built up.

Shower Head and Shower Curtains

In terms of the showerhead, limescale is the main problem so make sure to use lots of vinegar to remove it regularly. Your shower curtains may seem untouchable but they are an ideal breeding ground for mold and bacteria. If your shower curtain is made of plastic, you can wash them in the washer using a mild setting.

Carpets and Curtains

Before cleaning the carpet, free the dirt trapped inside its fabric by beating it. Ensure to clean the area underneath the carpet. Use a vacuum cleaner and a special shampoo. But, it’s best to get your carpet cleaned by professional cleaners.  Meanwhile, remove the accumulated dust on your curtains and wash them by hand or using your washer.

Smaller Household Items

Did you know that dirt and grime can find their way into the smallest items in your household such as salt and pepper shakers as well as remote controls? Clean these items regularly every week using a damp cloth and an antibacterial spray or soapy water.

House Plants

Both of your artificial and live plants can accumulate dirt and dust. Thus, you need to wipe each leaf with a damp cloth and get rid of any cobwebs. Although this cleaning task seems simple, the best house cleaning services don’t miss these steps.

Light Fixtures and Switches

Aside from dust and dirt, dead insects can get trapped in light fixtures, affecting the lighting’s efficiency. Make sure to disconnect the fixtures from the power supply before cleaning them. Also, apply an antibacterial spray to your light switches and clean them using a damp cloth once every week.