When choosing a graduation party venue, one of the best options to consider is your home. Especially if it is large enough to accommodate the guests you plan to invite, you can enjoy huge savings by having the party at home instead of a restaurant or an events venue. It might sound intimidating at first, but with the tips we’ll share in this article, it is easy to pull off an epic graduation celebration at home.

Send Out the Invites

In this digital age, most people will probably send invitations through social media or email. If you want to be more traditional, you can send out printed invites. When making formal college graduation announcements that can also double as an invitation, Shutterfly can extend a helping hand. Send the invites early so that guests have enough time to respond and will know who will come to the party.

Take your Décor Seriously

You can create a photo mural using pictures of the graduates. Use posters and photo prints from Shutterfly to decorate a boring wall. Hang garlands and banners. Display balloons. Use fresh flowers as table centerpieces. There are endless ideas on how you can decorate your home for the party. A good starting point is to think of a theme, and from here, it is easy to decide on the décor.

Sort your Playlist

To host a party that everyone will enjoy, make sure that there is good music. First, think about who will be there? Once you identify who makes up the audience, you can easily figure out the music that they will love. Play the right tunes, and for sure, you will have a cool party and your guests will have a good time.

Keep Them Entertained

Before you host a graduation party, it is also crucial to decide on entertainment, which will depend on who will be attending. Aside from music, prepare games and prizes to make the celebration fun.  Some even rent a DJ or a karaoke machine.

Go Outdoors

If you have a huge lawn at home, this is the best venue for the graduation party. You can even set-up an inflatable pool to keep everyone cool on a hot day. Decorate the venue with string lights if the party is at night. A white sheet and a projector are also good if you want to transform the graduation party into a movie night.

Pay Attention to the Foods and Drinks

The best parties have the best food and drink. You don’t need to spend a lot to fill the tummies of your guests. It is good to set up a buffet table, fill it with big plates, and allow guests to get food on their own. Be sure that there is something for everyone, so a good mix for meat, fish, and vegetable dishes is a must.

Consider our suggestions above for a graduation party to remember. You don’t need to be an experienced party planner to pull off a celebration that is sure to be one for the books.