Winter is coming and for parents of new-borns, this spells caution. Many new parents have concerns, questions, and doubts regarding bathing the baby in winters. There’s no denying that periodic baths are necessary for personal hygiene and keeping away from dirt and germs. You don’t want to let the little ones jump into their clean clothes and bed with all remnants of the day’s activities and outings over them. That said, parents have to ensure that the baby does not get exposed to the cold and fall sick during or after a bath in winters.

Here are some notes and handy tips related to baby’s bath time during the chilly months.

Should you bathe your baby daily in winter?

Once the umbilical area is healed, bathing a new-born once in three days is sufficient. However, you should clean your baby’s mouth, face, and private areas thoroughly every day. Some parents want to bathe the baby every day as they are concerned about hygiene. However, too much and too frequent bathing during the cold weather months could make your baby susceptible to allergies, cold, and sickness. The skin of a new-born is extremely sensitive, so recurrent contact with warm water may cause harm to the skin, leaving it itchy and dry.

Best time to bathe your baby?

In winters, you must bathe your baby when you know they will be warm enough after the shower and not catch a cold. Therefore, late morning or noontime baths are preferred for new-borns. It’s best to bathe your baby when the sun is up. Night-time baths are also relaxing but you must be doubly sure to keep the baby cosy and put them to sleep after that. In any case, bathe your little one at the same time every day as it helps them to be mentally prepared for what will come next.

Oil massage before bath

Giving your baby a healthy, comforting massage with quality organic oil can do them a world of good, especially in winters. It boosts immunity, strengthens bones and muscles, and relaxes the baby.

Choose the best organic oil for baby massage and make sure it does not have any harmful chemicals because it is the question of your baby’s skin which is known to be three times more delicate than an adult’s.

That is why the certified organic baby oil is the best choice: it has the goodness of seven essential organic oils and contains no artificial chemicals. Having international certifications, this product delivers on the promise of organic goodness so that you don’t have to worry about nasties but only embrace your baby with the multiple healthful benefits of organic oils.

Setting the right temperature

Before taking your baby to the bath, make sure all the doors and windows are shut in the bathroom and the room where you would be dressing them after the bath. Keep the baby’s clothes handy so they don’t have to stay undressed in the cold for long after the bath. Fill the bucket or tub with slightly warmer water than you usually would. Test the water with your elbow and put the baby into the bathtub once you are sure of the temperature. The level of the water in the bathtub or bucket should be up to the chest of the baby, not more than that.

During the bath: Some handy baby bath tips

Before you begin to bath the baby, ensure that you have gathered all the baby care products. When it comes to picking baby bath and skincare products, make sure that they are organic, free of chemicals, and completely safe for your baby. You may choose to go for  certified organic baby bath wash as it contains fully organic ingredients and zero chemicals, cleansing your baby’s delicate skin and body gently, yet effectively. Do not extend the baby’s bathing time longer than required in winters. That means, no games or playing with water in the tub.

After the bath

As soon as your child is out of the bath, wrap them in a warm dry towel and a big cuddle! Make sure you dry the baby’s body thoroughly, particularly the head, before dressing them up. Dry your child’s hair well first, as wet hair can make them feel cold for longer.

During this time, moisturize the baby’s skin thoroughly as it loses natural moisture in dry winters after the bath. Layer them up in fresh, clean clothes, woolens, and socks.

Finally, give your baby a gentle big cuddle and breathe in deeply. You must agree that there’s nothing like the fresh smell of your precious little munchkin just after a bath.