We all know that asbestos is a potentially harmful substance; indeed, its use was totally banned in Australia in 2003 and also in most countries in the world, yet almost 20 years on, we are still battling with asbestos. The reason we have a huge asbestos removal industry is that for many years, asbestos was actively used in all industries, especially construction, and when we discovered how harmful asbestos actually is, it was already present in thousands of buildings across the country.

Pre-1975 Buildings

Any property that was built before 1975 is likely to contain asbestos, and should your home contain this harmful substance, there is no immediate risk to you or any of your family. If asbestos is left undisturbed, it is no more dangerous than plastic, concrete or even timber, yet when it is disturbed, minute slivers of the material become airborne. You might, for example, purchase an old property with a view to carrying out renovations, which is a good idea, yet there is a chance that the building contains asbestos, and even a short exposure to airborne asbestos could result in contracting a serious respiratory disease that could be fatal.

Asbestos Removal

There are asbestos removal services in Perth that are dedicated to seeking out and safely removing asbestos, and if you are planning any renovations in your home or business premises, you should make sure that asbestos is not present. The only way to be 100% sure that your home is asbestos free is to call in a specialist who has the equipment and the know-how to identify and remove asbestos, and such a company can easily be found with a Google search.